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  • 25.–27.9.2020, 4pm–8pm
  • presentation: 1.10.2020, 6pm

From the studio (SSTR6) to the workshop (Kunst- und Räderwerk) and out into the world: Vinylograph is circling and can be seen in two locations during the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK!

In the early 20th century, the sound picture postcard was created by combining two of the then most popular media: the postcard and the shellac record. Recited poems or short pieces of music were recorded by cutting grooves into specially-coated cards in A5 or A6 format. A centrally-placed hole enabled the sound picture postcard, which also bore a wide range of visual designs, to be played on every off-the-shelf record player. Thanks to the Vinylograph, such audio postcards can now be produced to a very high quality. During the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK SSTR6 is throwing open its doors and inviting visitors to inspect the Vinylograph and the latest edition of sound picture postcards (from the Schmauswaberl tavern to the banks of the Danube) and to enjoy the accompanying program.