Design Campus Summer School, Class 2023

We are very pleased that the Design Campus Dresden is once again a partner festival of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK.
There is also a summer school this year, which is more than worth participating in.

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CLASS 2023
20 JULY—25 AUGUST 2023

The Design Campus summer program is a ​“School of Utopias”. It is a visionary design school set to explore complex problems, dream bold ideas, and collaboratively build new ways forward. Curated by a different Head of School each year, the curriculum will investigate a specific theme. The students and faculty will explore the research question through a series of workshops, lectures, talks, exhibits, and other public programs. The summer school will be a spring board for future projects in the museum, its environs, and its network.

by d-o-t-s (Laura Drouet, Olivier Lacrouts)

In its traditional understanding and execution, design is a discipline focused on the satisfaction of human needs and wishes. The on-going Climate Emergency, however, reminds us that caring only for our species’ desires has had – and keeps having – unfortunate repercussions on the planet and the other beings that co-inhabit it with us. Changing direction is essential. Deconstructing the principles of design and supporting instead multi-specific relationships and pluricultural narratives is an urgency.

Thought as a learning ground, The School of Phyto-centred Design invites the participants to discover and get inspired by the vegetal world and to imagine new design approaches that could benefit all beings without distinction. Adopting The Manifesto of Phyto-centered Design as a moral compass and informed by the exhibition Plant Fever on display on-site during the summer school at Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden, the programme will value multidisciplinarity, multiculturalism, collaboration, and critical thinking; sowing seeds of disobedience and inclusiveness.

Led by a selection of experimental thinkers and practitioners, the nine day workshops will be further nourished by accompanying lectures from specialists (gardeners, scientists, philosophers…) and visits to pertinent sites surrounding the Design Campus at Pillnitz Palace & Park.

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d‑o-t‑s is a nomadic curatorial practice founded by Laura Drouet [FR] and Olivier Lacrouts [IT/FR]. The duo’s investigations focus on the diverse and questionable relationships that – through design – human communities establish among themselves, with other animals, plants, and landscapes. Defined by the participatory and interdisciplinary approach, d‑o-t‑s’ work spans writing, exhibition-making, hands-on workshops, and design commissions. Their on-going and upcoming projects include: the touring exhibition Plant Fever (Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden, 2023 & 2024); the book Greenhouse Stories (Onomatopee, 2023); the short movie & publication Stork Fictions (summer/​autumn 2023).