Review: 2017


Focus District

Vienna 15 has been out of the up-and-coming category for a long time now. Not so long ago, the district was associated with suburbs filled with down-at-heel, mid-to-late nineteenth-century buildings, worker migration, and street sex workers, but since the turn of the twenty-first century it has gained undisputedly in attractiveness. At the same time, Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus is today symbolic of a new sense of belonging within a neighborhood. Besides the Nibelungenviertel in the north, a new creative zone is evolving especially in the meandering streets and alleys of the district’s center in the south, which reaches back to the Middle Ages, for instance round around Reindorfgasse and Schwendermarkt. For ten whole days, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK opened up the urban curtain and set the stage with new spaces here, supporting long-established businesses and showcasing all the facets of the dual district divided by the Western Railway. A location survey from the perspective of design. For locals just as much as for international guests!