Reviews: 2011

Debut 2011

Debut is the new-generation platform of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and is intended for advanced students and young professionals from the field of product and industrial design. The format was set up in 2009 and is a cooperation project with the James Dyson Award and the James Dyson Foundation. Every year an independent Debut jury selects ten projects from the Austrian submittances for the international James Dyson Award; these are presented as part of the festival programme. In a brief profile of the successful candidates, James Dyson, himself a famous problem-solver, points out that what the jury is looking for are people who develop a simple and effective solution instead of shrugging their shoulders and simply accepting a problem – an approach the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK can also identify with. The works by the ten “debutants” will be shown from 30 September until 9 October as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK in an exhibition with the title IMPORT/EXPORT in this year’s focal district Vienna Leopoldstadt (second district).

Exhibition design: Vandasye/ Georg Schnitzer, Peter Umgeher

The Jury 2011: Isabella Natter-Spets/designforum Vorarlberg, Christina Knechtl/ NewDesignUniversity/knechtl-Architekten, Lukas Feireiss/Studio Lukas Feireiss/Professor Raum- und Designstrategien, Kunstuniversität Linz

DEBUT is supported by the James Dyson Foundation and-the James Dyson Award.