Reviews: 2018


VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Philipp Podesser

Design for all!

Every year VIENNA DESIGN WEEK with its great diversity of workshops and tour programs is inviting visitors of all ages to join in and be informed, entertained, and inspired. In short: to experience design in the flesh. Besides the fascinatingly diverse explorations through Vienna in general and the fesival district of Neubau in particular, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2018 has been offering educational programs on key themes such as architecture, social design, and handicrafts. And: Various children's workshops have been the best guarantee for the designers of tomorrow.

Specials for school classes: Our school tours with Wanderklasse have shown how design influences our daily life and where design happens in Vienna. Moreover, again there has been a handout for teachers to help them do a guided tour on their own with their students through the world of design.