Reviews: 2012

Talks 2012

Two topics are being debated this year in the series of talks organized as part of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. One of them has to do with the city everyone is looking towards: Berlin. Germany’s capital city is a magnet for creative people, an international city of people’s dreams and ambitions, a global brand. In a round of talks  moderated by Lucas Verweij, guests from Berlin and Vienna tackle the question of whether Berlin deserved the title City of Design awarded by UNESCO; who pulls the creative strings, what message creative Berliners bring with them to Vienna and vice versa? Two lectures on 30 September deal with the topic of the cooperation between designer and producer. There is a need on both sides to understand processes and structures, networked thinking and openness. Do designers see themselves and their actions as design service providers or as author service providers? How does the exchange take place and what hurdles have to be overcome on the way? The Spanish designer Marti Guixé and the German architect Hadi Teherani answer these questions from their own standpoints.