Reviews: 2019

Debut 2019

A first appearance that promises newaspects, highlights the unfamiliar, and heralds a lasting power for renewal: This is the format Debut, with which the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK casts its gaze on a selection of outstanding educational facilities in Austria and abroad. The format also serves as an international networking platform and an independent venue for emerging design. Students of the two institutions invited this year reveal various future­oriented perspectives: while the HTL Spengergasse occupies itself withthe pioneering field of game design, thecontribution by Helsinki’s Aalto Universityreflects an experimental approach between robotization and manufacturing. The works on view provide prime examples of the way a new generation’s design culture is expres­ sed and traces an arc from the elite training center for games to computeraided manu­ facture of furniture. This is just the begin­ ning. Or better put: an opening that’s made to measure!

VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Daniela Jakob