Reviews: 2019

Passionswege 2019

Design connects. Especially in the case of the Passionswege. Ever since they were introduced, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK has been connecting international and Austrian designers with Viennese production companies in the context of this curated format. In open work processes and free from the commercial constraints of conventional work relationships, desig­ ners and businesses experiment, create,and share their knowledge. The financialframework is established by the festival. Starting from two stations in the city center, the format makes its way into this year’s Focus District Alsergrund. The results of each cooperative venture – unexpected solutions, projects, objects, or installations – are shown directly on site in authentic Viennese workshops and business premi­ ses. Passionswege – this still means in its thirteenth year a format that highlights design and craft processes as the heart of the festival.

VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar