Reviews: 2020


2020 was the third year in which VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and the Vienna Business Agency investigated the groundbreaking area of Urban Food & Design. This time, the focuses were new approaches to living together in the city and the potential of the local in an environment that continues to be shaped by the reality of global markets. The New Local was the slogan that inspired the creative minds in and around the Festival Headquarters in the Amtshaus Theresienbadgasse to illustrate how the production, distribution, and consumption of food could also be organized to be brutally local in the period both during and after COVID-19. The calls of the previous two editions had addressed new sources of food, consumption patterns, and forms of delivery. The five projects selected in 2020 were devoted to subjects such as the sharing economy, the circular economy, and social participation.

In spring 2020, the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and the Vienna Business Agency had issued a challenge on the subject of Urban Food & Design. The five best concepts amongst all those submitted were selected by an expert jury and presented during the festival in the Festival Headquarters in the Amtshaus Theresienbadgasse.

Jury members: Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör and Alice Jacubasch (Vienna Business Agency), Kathrina Dankl (Studio Dankl), Jonathan Lutter (KLK), and Lilli Hollein and Julia Schanderl (VIENNA DESIGN WEEK)

VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar