Reviews: 2020


VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar

Any question about the true nature of design is closely related to the needs of the moment. Design is much more than a mere shaping exercise. 2020, in particular, showed us that design is far from neutral. Social power structures are constantly reflected in design questions – as a result of which we are obliged to address these critically. In this process, digitalization is more important than ever: Analog and digital, online and offline are inextricably linked. In large parts of the world, the smartphone has long been an everyday object. In 2020, the education program of VIENNA DESIGN WEEK was completely reinvented and newly curated – under the responsibility of Sophie Lingg and Helena Schmidt. Fresh formats included the Beisl tours with well-known Meidling personalities, customized team tours with the experts from the festival team, digital educational focuses, such as the Tik Tok Tour, and themed architecture walks through the neighborhood.