Reviews: 2020


VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Phillip Podesser
VIENNA DESIGN WEEK/Kollektiv Fischka/Kramar

Let’s get digital! In 2020, VIENNA DESIGN WEEK took several expansive steps into the digital realm. Alongside a wealth of livestreams and the virtual Festival Headquarters, which offered a broad range of design experiences, one could also visit the festival this year for the first time via an app on the display of one’s smartphone. This enabled visitors to be accompanied by the week’s program on every walk through the city, with little hints popping up at each important design hotspot. Programmed by Studio Weholo, which was also represented in the Festival Headquarters by an interactive installation, the augmented reality app transformed Vienna into a digital design map. This enabled corners of the City Full of Design, which might otherwise have been overseen, to become settings for design and for a critical and fleet-footed examination of the dynamic (local) design sector. Users searched the urban realm for hidden elements from the festival graphic design by Bueronardin and received further information about the highly varied content of the ten-day festival. In addition to this, they could collect rewards, share their visit to the festival with friends, and take part in competitions.

The colorful Rado True Thinline Les Couleurs™ Le Corbusier models could also be collected virtually in the app by users. Another stop on their route through the city was the Rado Boutique in the heart of Vienna, where both the latest watches and popular collections could be admired and tried on directly. Alongside the brightly colored True Thinline Les Couleurs™ Le Corbusier models, which are based on the color keyboard of the famous architect and designer Le Corbusier, further watches bearing such impressive names as Golden Horse, Captain Cook, and DiaMaster were on show. Users who collected a certain number of points were able to enter a prize draw in the Rado Boutique.